Truillium Organics

Trillium Organics was founded in 1994 by Karen, when she traded up advocating for women's rights as an attorney to educating and providing women with safe, non-toxic personal care options. After watching both of her grandmothers fall prey to cancer, she hoped that her own children could enjoy a healthier life from making healthier choices. One small problem, in 1994, Organic personal care was an unheard of concept, and the toxic dangers of conventional personal care were not very well understood. Starting with Calendula infused, Baby Bottom Balm, she set out on the quest to create a clean safe product that would replace toxic body wash and lotion. It took three years of bathing in everything organic from coffeegrounds to oatmeal that resulted in Organic Body Polish. That first product that 'does it all", remains the cornerstone of the company. Today, we are still a small company of dedicated women, still making each product in small batches and pouring them each by hand. Yet now, our products are sold all across America, in Malaysia, Brunei(soon), Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India, England, Colombia. We are thrilled with the globally growing enthusiasm about living healthier lives. It is a dream come true to create and provide products that help people realize the joy and beauty of healthy skin.