BJ Christian Designs

I've been artistic for as long as I remember, At the present time, I am finding the most joy in creating jewelry from wire and beads that I create in my home studio in northern Wisconsin. Mostly I prefer gemstones, but I use a variety of bead materials like; pearls, glass, wood, bone, clay, nuts and other materials from Mother Earth, to combine with my wire work. The wire I use is Argentium Sterling Silver, but I have included 14K gold-filled and copper wire as well. Most of the silver beads are traditional sterling silver, like the beads from Thailand, India, Bali, Turkey, Israel and some other countries as well. No plated silver is used. Some of my older pieces shown in the online gallery are made using traditional sterling silver. The description will state if Argentium Sterling silver is used. All of the gold is 14K gold-filled, but sometimes gold vermeil is used. Vermeil is 100 millionths of an inch of gold layered over sterling silver, making it 50 times heavier than gold plating. No standard plated gold is used in my pieces. Each piece I create is a journey. Sometimes I know where the journey will end and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I travel with another; those are the times that someone requests a custom piece with the materials and colors that they choose. I very much enjoy co-creating jewelry in this way. Please contact me if you would like to create a piece of jewelry together for yourself or for another. You may see a design on this site that you like, but would prefer different stones or colors. I am very accommodating to create just what you want, and custom sizing is available on any piece. The metaphysical properties of the gemstones are of much interest to me, and I also am interested in the effect that colors have on our well being. In my own life I have seen the results of this, for example, wearing amethyst gives me a clear perspective, an inner knowing; and the color blue brings me to a place of peace and comforting. When a piece of jewelry is complete, it goes into a copper Genesa Sphere for a few hours to a few days. Upon placing the piece into this sacred geometrical form, I infuse each piece with healing energy from the non-physical realm, and its' energy is transformed to a more refined vibration. I also intend that the piece bring balanced healing to the wearer, whoever that may come to be. Our intents and beliefs are very powerful, as science is now proving. Go to the Genesa Sphere page to view and learn more about these tools. I also create and sell these spheres in different sizes if you desire to own one. Order them at the bottom of the Genesa page. I suggest that when deciding on a piece of jewelry for yourself or a friend, that you trust your Inner Wisdom. Usually the one that stands out to you or that you feel most drawn to, is the one that will assist you most. Trust your Self in this. If you are looking for a particular piece to help with a specific issue, I can help you in choosing the right piece. Much has been documented about the healing powers of sacred geometry and gemstones. But no need to have these same beliefs to enjoy the beauty of each piece.