Lu Austin

My husband and I founded Lu Austin Preserves on the belief that you don't have to be considered a gourmet cook to prepare a delicious, mouth watering meal. Some of the best cooks aren't the people you see on the television or running restaurants. The best cooks are right in your own family. Many of our fondest memories of growing up center around family gatherings with all the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. Whether it was Grandmas' secret recipe for Cinnamon Rolls, or Aunt Karens' Potato Salad. No matter how hard we may try to duplicate these special dishes of the people we love, they never seem to taste quite as good. After spending years working in the food industry Jeff & I have come full circle in the realization that caring and quality are the keys to making any meal special. This is the belief that we try to live by when making our sauces and blends. It's extremely important to us that our products are made with only fresh ingredients. We use the time honored methods of preserving foods the way our grandmothers did. While this may take much more time and effort, we feel the end result is well worth it. The products we have created for you to enjoy will turn your simple meal into something special and memorable. So gather the family together and let us help you create a memory for you and your family.